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Leicester, MA

Valerie Charmanski

Member of Old English Sheepdog Club of America

Puppies Available Occasionally

Our goal is to produce the best quality puppy:

• Healthy - All of our breading dogs have their hips x-rayed and certified by O.F.A. All eyes are also certified. My dogs have been free of inherited, genetic diseases for the past 30 years. All of our dogs are fed the highest quality food as well as nutritional supplements designed to grow healthy bodies and brains. All attempts to reduce chemicals and pollutants from the environment are vigorously followed.

• Sweet Temperaments - Our breeding dogs are carefully selected for sweet, loving and sound temperaments. These dogs will become a member of your family and, if you are not careful, will become lap dogs.

Puppy Stampede

• Beautiful - Our consistent success in the show ring speaks for itself. See our showdogs page for pictures of our award winners.

These low-shedding, low-allergy, lovely, family dogs will entertain you, keep you company, and be your best friend. Like any other long-haired breed, if they are not in the show ring, keeping them clipped back several times a year is a no-nonsense way to make grooming more manageable for a busy family. The upside of this is that they look like fuzzy Teddy Bears - very hug-able. And be warned: they are people magnets. Cars will stop in the street and people will come running to pet them. One owner said it is like walking a movie star.

All puppies come with:

  1. Health records plus info on worming and vaccinations
  2. Letter from my veterinarian declaring the puppy is healthy
  3. Three generations of pedigree of both parents, plus hip and eye certifications

      Pet $3,000
      Show $3,400

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